The flip-flopping Prime Minister

Way back, ‘poster launches’ during election campaigns meant the unveiling of a poster which would appear on billboards around the country.

Then they became the unveiling for a photo op of a poster that might appear no further around the country than once round the block for the press photographers.

Now they can simply mean ‘here’s a new graphics file we’re sharing on social media’.

The latest Liberal Democrat poster launch, by Paddy Ashdown and focusing on Theresa May‘s record of flip-flopping on issues, is admirably frank in saying that it is just that:

Launching the poster across social networks, Paddy Ashdown said:

“In her brief tenure as Prime Minister, and particularly during the general election campaign, Theresa May has been shown to be one of the least consistent and weakest of modern day Prime Ministers.

“She has flip-flopped on Europe having campaigned to Remain and now pushing for an extreme Brexit, as she has on raising National Insurance for the self-employed and most recently on whether to have a cap in her disastrous manifesto commitment on the Dementia Tax.

As we approach this monumentally important election, there has never been a greater need for Liberal Democrats in Parliament.”

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