Nick Clegg: I don’t want to be in the House of Lords

The question “will Nick Clegg become a member of the House of Lords?” is now a Question To Which The Answer Is No (#QTWAIN), courtesy of the former Liberal Democrat leader’s Twitter feed.:

UPDATE: Given later speculation about Nick Clegg getting a knighthood, it’s worth pointing out that it is only peerages which get you into the House of Lords. Getting a knighthood doesn’t.

4 responses to “Nick Clegg: I don’t want to be in the House of Lords”

  1. I can understand why Nick has said that he does not want to go in to the House of Lords however I believe that we need as many voices as possible in both chambers . Until the system changes we are faced with what we have and must do as much as we can to get our values heard and debated .

  2. I do hope you’ll reconsider, Nick – the selection of the Lords may not be democratic, but their longevity gives the the ability to resist the party whip and vote their conscience – a three line whip is pretty much an offence against the principles of Parliament, but it has become accepted that an MP risks deflection for voting his conscience.

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