Brian Paddick resigns at Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretary

Liberal Democrat peer and former Mayor of London candidate, Brian Paddick, earlier today stood down from the Liberal Democrat team in Parliament:

He’s declined requests to expand on his statement:

Given Brian Paddick’s background as previously Britain’s highest-ranking out policeman, it’s widely assumed (I think correctly) that this is a reference to how Tim Farron responded to question on equalities issues and his religious faith during the (first) 2017 general election.

I wrote more about how Tim Farron fared in that contest in the latest edition of Liberal Democrat Newswire, which you can read online here (and sign up to receive future editions here).

Note: under the party’s usual rules, there is automatically a leadership election within 12 months of a general election unless one of a limited number of conditions apply, such as the party being in government.

5 responses to “Brian Paddick resigns at Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretary”

  1. Evelyn Beateice Ball aka S Tallentyre: ‘I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it’.

    Like Geraldine, I’m RC, hold many socially conservative views, as per my background & generation, as does a recent Lib Dem. leader.

    I certainly neither expect nor insist that anyone agrees with me, why not the same respect in return?

  2. From a friend offering insight, and I agree:


    “I’ve never voted LibDem but I’ve always felt that many of its members and MPs are thoroughly decent people. None more so than Tim Farron, whose commitment as a follower of Jesus is absolutely genuine and whose faith is always expressed with a grace and humility towards those who do not share that faith. Nor was he foolish enough or politically naive enough to imagine that in the area of personal sexual morality his understanding of biblical principles could or should be forced on others.

    His leadership of the LibDems has been constantly undermined by the media whose sole focus seemed to be on whether or not he believed homosexual relationships to be sinful. I think that was not a fair or proper question to ask a politician. Surely the question should have been: ‘Do you believe that gay people should be treated with absolute equality under the law?’ I believe Tim Farron could have answered that question with an unambiguous YES. And that’s the answer that matters and should have been heard.

    Speaking personally, I know that there is a clear distinction between what I believe to be sinful and what I think should be dealt with by the law of the land. To take one obvious example, I believe that adultery is sinful, but I certainly don’t think it should be regarded as breaking the law.

    I am committed to the stance that homophobia is wrong and that discrimination against gay people should be an offence under our law. But I also believe that it is equally prejudiced to seek to disqualify people from public office for the convictions they hold because of their sincere understanding and interpretation of the Bible. We Brits often accuse our American Christian cousins on the right of the political spectrum of being ‘one issue’ voters. I think we could equally correctly accuse much of our UK press and media of being focused on ‘one issue.’

    I for one will miss Tim Farron’s leadership. Christians have no right to expect to be the only voice. But equally they have every right to be one important voice., particularly when that voice is characterised by humility and respect for those who disagree.”
    Sadly he is right that should not have been the question. However with Paddick, Laws and co backstabbing and briefing against Tim within the party and with the gutter press illiberalists the whole affair was likely to be revived and distract from the hard work ahead. The Parliamentary Party (this includes the Lords) in my estimation failed Tim and it failed us members too. Personally I would expel their nasty odious clique and be done with it.

    To find out today

  3. I am with Tim Farron and with Geraldine Hyatt Williams : as a committed Sikh should I leave the party ?

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