Majority back holding a referendum on terms of Brexit deal

The Liberal Democrat policy of holding a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal which gets negotiated did not work out as planned in the general election. An important lesson for the party to pick over what to learn from. Was the problem some mix of circumstance and execution which means the policy could be a much more successful part of a future, possibly pretty imminent, further general election? Or was there an inherent problem with the policy in the first place?

That is a question I will be returning to over the summer as more evidence about how people voted and why comes out. The initial signs suggest it was more the former, including the latest polling from Survation (who have the distinction of their final election poll giving the Conservatives only a 1 point lead, making it the most accurate):

It is also worth noting that there is a 25% hard core who is answer to one question picked the option to stop Brexit talks completely and work to remain in the EU. This reinforces my provisional view that, contrary to some media coverage during the general election, the problem for the Lib Dem European policy wasn’t that there wasn’t a big enough pool of people to appeal to with the party’s pro-Europeanism, but rather that the party failed to appeal to that pool effectively.

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