Jo Swinson running for Deputy Leader, not Leader, of the Lib Dems

Over on Liberal Democrat Voice, Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson explains why, despite the widespread support for her in the party, she won’t be running to be leader of the Liberal Democrats:

I have been overwhelmed by so many lovely messages from people I know, and from many members I have not yet met, encouraging me to stand for leader.  I am touched and flattered that you look to me – and I am determined to play a key role in our party’s leadership…

When Tim resigned, my instincts told me that the best way I can serve the party at the moment is still as Deputy Leader.  Over the years I’ve learned I should trust my instincts.

My reflections and conversations about a range of factors have confirmed my conviction that the right role for me now is Deputy Leader. [Full post here]

Understandable, but a huge shame. She has long been a favourite with party members.

Based on my survey of party members, it looks like Norman Lamb is now, just, the favourite to be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats – if he decides to run, of course.

7 responses to “Jo Swinson running for Deputy Leader, not Leader, of the Lib Dems”

  1. If prepared to stand I would certainly opt for Vince Cable as leader. Older yes, but very wise. Nothing wrong with a grandpa figure for younger voters. Would fight for REMAIN with great insight. Believe Menzies Campbell was wrong to dissuade him back in the day.

  2. I voted for Tim last time, and would be even less likely to vote for Norman this time, given his somewhat neutral stance on the EU. Unless Ed Davey stands and shows himself to be an inspiring speaker, I’d certainly back Vince in the short term, and Jo for 2-3 years time

  3. Dear Jo, I respect your decision.

    If you were to have stood as Leader, you would have had my vote hands down! I think that a period with Vince Cable (whom I also admire deeply) as leader and you as Deputy, as we move into the future, would be superb and best for the country and party. I really hope that Vince Cable will stand!

  4. We really need Nick back as leader and he combined with Jo(and Vince) would be a very strong leadership team to counter the Tory and Labour line up.. Unfortunately our consitution does not allow Nick to stand as he is not an MP…..

  5. I would opt for Vince under two conditions:
    a) he agrees to stand down in say two years time
    b) he totally rules out any coalition deal with any other party.

  6. A leader needs to be able to communicate convincingly with the general public (which proved to be Tim’s weak point) and inspire the party members, particularly the activists. I don’t think Vince can do that second thing. Norman Lamb can’t do a barnstorming speech like Tim or Paddy, but his deeply-felt Liberalism can inspire, while he comes across on TV as calm and thoughtful. For me now it’s probably him, with Ed Davey a possibility. Mind you, no-one has yet declared. Could be none of them will want it…

  7. I couldn’t agree more with Clive Peaple. Vince has more credibility and authority than the other candidates, particularly on Economics, which is crucially important as the Brexit talks get under way. As long as he is fit, I don’t think his age matters. If Jo Swinson was his deputy that would help to provide some age and gender balance.

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