Britain may never leave the EU – Vince Cable

Vince Cable has insisted that Britain may never leave the EU, once the public is faced with the stark choice of staying in or crashing out without a comprehensive Brexit deal…

“I think it is right to aim for Britain remaining in the single market and customs union and retaining all of the collaborative arrangements around research and environmental standards. They are things we should be fighting for.

“But it may be that at the end of it, we are faced with a stark choice between crashing out of the EU with a no deal or a very bad deal, or on the other hand going back to membership. That’s why my party argues that we should have a further vote on this. That didn’t resonate with voters at this year’s election. We all know that. It was premature and people thought we were harking back to the last one. But in two years time when it’s very clear what the economic impacts are I think the public will welcome that kind of option.”

So he thinks Britain could end up remaining a member of the EU?

“It’s certainly a possibility. It’s not yet a probability.” [Business Insider]

The party’s European policy is likely to be on the agenda at the autumn Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth, and I’m also currently running a survey for party members on the topic.

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  1. I think we may well finish up re-joing EFTA down the line to mediate our future relationship with the EU, but in the meantime telling the 52% Leave voters that they are, in effect, suffering from a temporary bout of ‘false consciousness’ over Brexit really isn’t a good way of winning votes and influencing people.

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