“There’s a strong democratic case for it” – Dominic Cummings on holding a referendum on a Brexit deal

Dominic Cummings may now be Boris Johnson’s top advisor in a government that is resolutely opposed to having a referendum on the terms of Brexit. But what does he think himself?

Well, this is what he said when interviewed a couple of years ago: “there’s a strong democratic case for it”.

Dominic Cummings - there is a strong democratic case for a second referendum

In being a supporter of the idea of a referendum on the exact terms of Brexit once they’ve been negotiated, Dominic Cummings was supporting the same point that Iain Duncan Smith also used to support when talking debating the devolution referendums in Scotland and Wales. Duncan Smith argued then that the details should be settled first and then put to a referendum, so it is the public that gets the final say on exactly what is going to happen.

Past tense though, because what both of then used to say was a good democratic choice they now say is outrageous. Others might think that it’s something else about this which is outrageous…

Hat-tip: @GeorgyBradders, tweeting in 2017.


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