Four in ten Leave voters say Brexit turning out to be harder than expected

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An intriguing snippet from the latest Survation poll, out this weekend: 41% of Leave voters in the Referendum now agree that “the Brexit process has been more problematic than I thought it would be” and only 16% say it has been less problematic.

That is important, because the best way to change people’s mind isn’t to lecture them about how wrong they were. Rather it is to show that new information gives a good reason to come to a new view. Brexit turning out to be a rather different beast in reality from previous expectation fits the bill perfectly.

2 responses to “Four in ten Leave voters say Brexit turning out to be harder than expected”

  1. Whilst I can certainly agree with the ‘diplomatic’ answer to the question and tact, with relevant information, seems to be turning the tide. I find it sad that we cannot openly admit, as humans, that we can make mistakes and allow emotions to rule us. Those who can admit to it, I feel , have stronger personalities and should be listened to and learn from.

  2. The scary take away from this is that it suggests half of Leave voters DID think it would be this difficult and still voted for it.

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