Read Vince Cable’s plans for the country and the Lib Dems in full

Here is Vince Cable‘s leadership manifesto, published this afternoon as nominations closed and he was declared the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.


2 responses to “Read Vince Cable’s plans for the country and the Lib Dems in full”

  1. All good stuff, well-judged and avoiding meaningless slogans, but a bit light on the distinctively Liberal issues of civil liberties and devolution or power to the people. It would also be good to see rebalancing the economy presented more in terms of spreading income more equally and not just moving away from over-reliance on financial services and household debt.

  2. I am glad a seasoned , capable and moderate statesman has become leader of our party but apart from EXIT to BREXIT, which I share, I am convinced the only way to really change things for the better is a proportional representation electoral system;I wouldn’t hope for REFUGEES to join our party .They won’t!! British politics is too tribal as Vince said last night.

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