Ukip loses its last remaining council majority

Ukip no longer has majority control of any local councils after a defection deprived the troubled party of its majority on Thanet District Council:

Ukip now holds 27 of 55 seats on Thanet District Council after Beverly Martin joined the Conservative group…

Ms Martin said she had decided she could “better serve the residents of Thanet” from the Conservatives.

Chris Wells, the Ukip leader on the council, said Ms Martin had “contributed little” since she rejoined the party after a spell as an independent.

“Yo Yo Councillor Yo’s again,” he surmised.

The Yo Yo reference is to Martin’s past defection from Ukip before then defecting back again to Ukip.

Ukip itself previously lost control of the council in 2015 following five councillors defecting over Manston Airport, protesting at the failure to make progress on reopening it. But Ukip then regained control after a by-election win.

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