Innergie PowerJoy 30C USB-C Wall Charger: better than the second word of its name

Innergic PowerJoy 30C USB-C Wall Charger
I’m still a happy user of my Innergie magic cable (boring name:¬†Innergie TACC-FMD70) so I took up with some interest the opportunity to try out a review copy of the new Innergic PowerJoy* 30C USB-C Wall Charger.

The combo of said magic cable and the magic collapsing plug from Mu¬†makes for a winning combination which this new Innergic charger almost tops. It’s not nearly as slimline as my preferred combo as the charger is a fair bit bulkier than a Mu plug, albeit with the advantage for the charger of replaceable power prongs to match the power sockets in different countries.

It also comes with a handy rotation feature so that even though the charger isn’t that slimline, you can rotate it to avoid blocking any other nearby sockets.

The charger comes with both USB-A and USB-C sockets, making it good for coping with a wide range of devices and cables. The marketing blurb talks a lot about how smart it is at working out what it is attached to and optimising charging accordingly. From my tests so far, it does indeed seem to charge devices pretty quickly. Promising so far.

The review copy I was sent is pre-release, so the final version may vary slightly (including perhaps adding in a travelling pouch to conveniently hold the different adaptors, hint hint?). One to watch out for when it’s released.

* Yes, PowerJoy. Sigh.

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