Co-founder Labour Against Brexit joins Lib Dems

Jonathon Proctor, former chair and co-founder Labour Against Brexit, has just joined the Liberal Democrats, attracted by the party’s pro-European stance.

Explaining his reasons, he says:

As many people are aware I was until very recently a Labour party foot solider and dedicated member. I campaigned all over the United Kingdom for the Labour Party, going as far down as Plymouth and as far up as Aberdeen South.

I gave my all to the party. My Money, time and dedication. I was fighting for a Labour government. I wanted a Labour government .. that was until Jeremy Corbyn ruled out any chance of staying IN the European Union…

After the general election, I saw that Jeremy was still insistent on pushing for hard Brexit and not supporting the single market access. He wanted hard Tory Brexit. This was my last straw.

Welcome, Jonathon.

(For more on Jeremy Corbyn’s policy on Europe, see my collection of his votes and positions over the years.)


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