Do we want to rush ahead off the cliff, or do we want an exit from Brexit?

Speaking at the People’s March for Europe in London, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable argued for the public to get a say on the terms of Brexit:

Here is what Vince Cable said:

We’ve got to absolutely stop the extreme Brexit which this incompetent, disunited government is trying to force upon us.

The Liberal Democrats continue to demand that the public should have a choice when the final outcome and the facts are clear.

Do we want to rush ahead off the cliff, or do we want an exit from Brexit? That choice, that option, has got to remain.

We can already begin to see what will happen with this train crash in slow motion.

A Government that is badly organised, leaving perilously late some very difficult negotiations.

Large numbers of EU nationals feeling insecure and unwanted, with some of the best people we have drifting away from the country and from our National Health Service.

We’re beginning to see the effects on the economy that will grow and grow over time.

Living standards are already beginning to be squeezed by the devaluation of the currency.

Companies are beginning to stop investing because they don’t know what the future holds or they don’t like what they see.

There is a lot of uncertainty, and this can be stopped if we choose to stop the process of Brexit.

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One response to “Do we want to rush ahead off the cliff, or do we want an exit from Brexit?”

  1. Could Lib Dems invest in a better loud speaker or sound amplifier? We could not hear a word of Cable’s speech, nor could the people around us. The roar of traffic drowned him. Also, on arrival, he walked straight through the crowd without a word, like any other attendee, but not like a leader. A few hellos and how do you dos would have lifted the spirits, particularly as the Lib Dem contingent was smaller than in spring and many came from quite far. We stood next to a man from Harwich who came on his own, a group of members from Bedford who had made their own excellent placards and a family from Essex and who had never marched before. An air of mild despondency hang about our section of the crowd, disappointment that we were fewer than hoped repeated as a way of introduction.

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