Reinventing the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrat vote share per candidate at the last general election was the lowest since all women got the vote.

Two and a half years after coming out of coalition, the Liberal Democrat local council base has recovered by a mere net two councillors. (Not 2,000; not 200; not 20; but 2).

It’s now seven years since the Liberal Democrats last regularly polled in double figures in the opinion polls.

And just about every day brings more news that reinforces the need for a strong Liberal Democrat voice in British politics.

That’s why there needs to be a real urgency about rebuilding the Liberal Democrats and involving the huge wave of new party members in doing so. Two-thirds of the party has joined since 2015. Involving them and getting the best from them isn’t just about holding on to our membership growth. It’s about meeting the urgency of the task in front of us.

How do we do this? That’s what a new pamphlet written by Jim Williams and myself sets out to answer. You can read it in full below, including Vince Cable’s foreword.

For me at least the pamphlet is in part a sequel to my two earlier ones: the one that helped kick off much of the party’s strategy debate in the last two years, The 20% Strategy: Building a core vote for the Liberal Democrats (written with David Howarth) and then last year’s Targeting Plus which was much more about party organisation. You’ll see the impact of Jim’s ideas and the success of Your Liberal Britain in how much better this new pamphlet is from that second one.

Reinventing the Liberal Democrats


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