Liberated: a new Lib Dem podcast

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Hooray! Another initiative from new Liberal Democrat members: this time a new podcast, called Liberated.

Created by Laura Sheeter, it kicks off with an interview with Vince Cable (and hooray to him too for saying yes to being interviewed). It’s great to see the plans she mentioned when we chatted a few weeks ago hitting iTunes for real.

The blurb for episode one says:

Vince Cable talks policy, politics and changing Britain’s future… And find out how you can help the Lib Dems win.

Listen, subscribe and rate Liberated on iTunes or listen right away on Soundcloud.

The other Liberal Democrat podcast, The Limehouse Podcast, is still going strong, and its latest edition is also just out. Featuring Elaine Bagshaw and, um, myself. (The earlier edition explaining why we need a core votes strategy is still available to listen to.)

One thing to note about both podcasts is that they illustrate just how much of the energy, initiative and innovation in the party is coming from newer members and from members who move much faster than the party’s committees usually make decisions.

The answer to that mismatch isn’t to curb innovation, slow down new ideas or think we can just carry on as we always have. It’s for the older parts of the party to up our game so that we’re helping, not hurting, the sort of growth in the party that we need to recover.

3 responses to “Liberated: a new Lib Dem podcast”

  1. Is this podcast available somewhere that isn’t iTunes (or indeed anywhere else with a horrific set of terms and conditions)?

  2. Quite useful,but it will need to be share to the wider membership of the party to have a bigger impact. It could be included in an email from party HQ instead of some the boring stuff

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