Liberal Democrat podcasts

Welcome to my list of podcasts mainly from or about the Liberal Democrats. Do let me know of any additions or corrections; thank you!

Lib Dem Podcast

With John Potter from Preston and Richard Kemp from Liverpool, this podcast does what it says: covers the Liberal Democrats, especially with chat about how members can get involved and how to win elections.

The Limehouse Podcast

Returning in late 2019 after a long break,ย The Limehouse Podcast‘s name is a nod towards a key document in the creation of the SDP. Its shows include an impressive range of interviews with people from across the political spectrum.

Never Mind The Bar Charts

Hosted by myself and Stephen Tall,ย Never Mind The Bar Charts features talk about the Liberal Democrats, British politics and a few stray digressions. Occasionally features Brexit and increasingly features guests.

On The House

A podcast that originally had nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats, but both its hosts – Phillip Lee and Sam Gyimah – have both joined the party. Making its coverage of what’s going on in Parliament and what the media misses something the Lib Dems can now claim.

Our MEP life

Liberal Democrat MEPs Caroline Voaden and Judith Bunting discuss their lives as MEPs.


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