Essential campaigning tools: Backblaze online backup service

I ran a series in Liberal Democrat Newswire highlighting essential online tools for campaigners. Given their continuing relevance, here’s an updated version of what I had to say about Backblaze in LDN #77:

When I first heard about it, I thought the Backblaze online backup service was just too good to be true. An online backup service which quietly backs up all of your computer all the time, to whatever volume of data and a mere $5 a month? But that indeed is just what it is.

The Backblaze software is a snip to install and runs unobtrusively in the background. This ensures you never too long between you doing something and it being safely backed up online. You can keep on piling up the data, even huge numbers of photos and audio books, and it still is only $5 a month. This takes all the hassle out of having to remember to do backups – and the risk out of not doing them.

Then if something does go wrong – whether catastrophic disk failure or a simple mistaken deletion – it is super-easy to restore your data. It is a rare case of product that is even better than it says it is, and it has twice saved my (vegetarian) bacon. So I’ve become a bit of a zealot for its wondrousness.

You won’t end up like the down on their luck person slumped in a back alley in a cartoon on the wall of an office I used to work in. He mutters: “… and then I discovered my backups weren’t up to date”.

Get Backblaze and keep your data safe. You even get a free trial to start with to see how it works.

Looking for another useful online tool? Take a look at Buffer.

Backblaze online backup service
Reliable, easy to use and cheap: a great way to keep your data safe
My rating (out of 5): 5.0
Mark Pack, 23 September 2017 |

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