An impressive video from John Leech and team

A powerful video from Liberal Democrat councillor (and former MP) John Leech and his team which tries to crack the question of how you persuade liberally minded, pro-Europe voters who went for Corbyn in 2017 to vote Lib Dem in future council elections:

3 responses to “An impressive video from John Leech and team”

  1. This video should be distributed widely on social media for he (Corbyn) talks the talk but does not do the walk. Under a Corbynista Govnt I fear Labour could end up as medieval lords taking from the surfs.

  2. This really is an outstandingly good video. One of the best Lib Dem efforts I have ever seen.

    Can’t see though, Mark, where Remain/EU comes in at all? Anymore than it did in Chesterfield Lib Dems gaining a Labour Council seat (with a 22% vote share increase), in a socio-economically very poor Holmebrook Ward, in what one dispairing Labour Social Media post termed ‘Brext Central’ on 21st September.

    Stop pondering over why ‘more than half our Council gains since the Referendum have been in Leave voting areas’ -the wrong type of votes in the wrong type of areas according to some. Instead lets get back to fighting elections on the issues that are concerning real voters in real elections. Lets not deliberately abandon anywhere but concentrations of urban, educated, Remain voting, middle classes.

  3. When your total horizon is winning, truth becomes irrelevant. We must continue to point out where the other Parties do not match their rhetoric with their deeds. We must also ensure that ours does at all levels.

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