Essential campaigning tools: Full Page Screen Capture extension for Chrome

It’s often useful to save what you can see on screen as an image, such as to safely store a copy of that foolish comment a political opponent made online or to clip a piece of content to attach to a social media posting (though bear in mind copyright rules when you do).

There are 1,001 ways to do such screenshots, but if you are on a PC there’s a particular benefit of using the free Full Page Screen Capture extension for Chrome. As the name implies, it captures the full page, rather than just the part of the page that’s currently visible on your screen.

Super-useful for saving those long pieces of content which you have to scroll down through, and which otherwise require a painful series of screen capture, save, scroll, screen capture, save, scroll to give you a medley of different files for just the one piece of content.

It’s also got a good track record of being fast, reliable and easy to use, raising it above many of the other similar plugins out there.

To install the Full Page Screen Capture extension for Chrome, just visit its page in the Chrome web store and select ‘Add to Chrome’.

UPDATE: For the more technically minded, there’s a hidden Chrome shortcut you can also use  (thanks to Simon Dickson for the tip). Since one of its updates in 2018, Firefox has also had a built-in screenshot feature which allows the whole page, and not just the screen, to be captured.

Looking for another useful online tool? Take a look at Buffer or Dropbox.

2 responses to “Essential campaigning tools: Full Page Screen Capture extension for Chrome”

  1. For quick screenshots of part of a page I use Snipping Tool, which I think comes loaded with Windows 10. Extremely handy and quick for anything on computer, not just browser use.

    • Yup, it is indeed very useful though it can only do what’s on screen – the extension mentioned above can capture the part of webpages that extend down off screen.

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