A slow, fragile but noticeable trend: public opinion on referendum vote

European referendum ballot paper

Alongside the marked shift in public opinion towards favouring a referendum on the Brexit deal once we know its terms, there is a smaller and more fragile shift on the question of whether or not last year’s decision was right:

UPDATE: This gentle but sustained trend in public opinion has continued.

2 responses to “A slow, fragile but noticeable trend: public opinion on referendum vote”

  1. This is actually the most balanced question. When you look at public opinions on other questions about Brexit opinion seems even more damning:

    55% think the government is doing badly in negotiations (25% doing well)
    41% think we will be worse off (26% better off)
    36% think we will have less influence in the world (17% say more)
    35% think it will be bad for jobs (25% good)
    32% think it will be bad for the NHS (23% good)

    It makes you wonder why 44% still think it was the right decision. Oh, right, 50% think it will mean less immigration (3% think more).

  2. I am 81 so l have lived through a variety of governments/policies since l was growing up in the 1940/50/60’s. Joining the EU was one of the best things our goverment has ever done for us. The days of Empire are long gone and so would our prosperity without the opportunites the EU has made possible. We are one of the richest economies in Europe…if not the whole world. Why are we throwing all those advantages aware for the notion that we can ‘go it alone’? In a globalised world that is taking a risk too far!

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