More voters now want Brexit to be abandoned

Overall opinion is moving against Brexit:

The average of YouGov’s five most recent polls shows 43 per cent saying we were right to vote to leave and 45 per cent saying we were wrong. By contrast, on average the first five polls of this year saw 46 per cent saying we were right to leave and 42 per cent wrong. [More on that here.]

More notably, amongst those who voted Remain, the mood is switching further towards abandoning Brexit:

While in June a majority of Remain voters (51 per cent) supported a “go ahead” option, by the end of September this had fallen to 28 per cent. Over the same period the proportion of Remain voters backing an “attempt to reverse” approach rose from 44 per cent to 61 per cent.

Remain voters move against Brexit

There is also this increasing negativity about Brexit:

  • Voters are becoming increasingly negative in how they think Brexit will affect their personal finances, the overall economy and life in Britain generally.

… the latest results are more negative than they were in any of the previous surveys, although the decline in confidence is gradual, not dramatic.

Impact on the British economy

Positive: 30%

Negative: 46%

No difference: 13%

Net: -16 (down 6 from ICM in September)

Impact on your personal finances

Positive: 13%

Negative: 35%

No difference: 38%

Net: -22 (down 5)

Impact on life in Britain generally

Positive: 35%

Negative: 38%

No difference: 15%

Net: -3 (down 4)

UPDATE: There has been a steady trickle of Brexit voters saying that what they have learnt since the referendum means they now want Britain to say in the EU.

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