Sarah Olney steps down as Vince Cable’s Chief of Staff

Vince Cable’s Chief of Staff, Sarah Olney, has stepped down:

Former Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney has stepped down as chief of staff to Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable so she can campaign to retake her old seat.

Rumours emerged that Ms Olney had resigned, but Sir Vince said this was not the case.

He said: “She has moved to a different role, basically working as a consultant to the party and also to me. She’s been restricted in what she can do working for me, but this will allow her to campaign in Richmond Park again.”

After winning the Richmond Park parliamentary by-election in 2016, Sarah Olney missed out on holding the seat by just 45 votes in the 2017 general election.

8 responses to “Sarah Olney steps down as Vince Cable’s Chief of Staff”

  1. Good that Sarah has been let off the leash and is charging into the fray Zac will be quaking in his boots. Go for it.

  2. So anything say on Guido posting? His remarks and subsequent comments actionable? Always hopeful he may one day be taken out by someone in the courts.

  3. Hold on. Sarah said specifically that she was standing down as Richmond Park candidate when taking up the chief of staff role in early September. Now that’s being reversed only two months later? Something very odd going on here. The consultancy thing sounds more like she is being distanced from the party for some reason.

  4. She’s a lightweight. As a constituent I wrote to her many times on many issues. Sometimes I got a reply. Sometimes not. Few were satisfactory. Her election to parliament was squewed by Brexit. Under normal circumstances she would never win Richmond Park. Zac is a good constituency MP who ALWAYS responds to emails.

  5. How long was she an MP Eric?
    Sounds like you monopolised her time and space no wonder she ignored you I think I would!
    I can imagine from your email you are a serial complainer and a just like your current MP a Brexit apologist.
    One of the few positive features of your current MP is that he is supporting a cause that will destroy the Tory party. The sooner the better.

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