Public backs referendum on Brexit deal by 50%-34% in new poll

A new online poll from Survation for the Mail on Sunday has found strong support for a referendum to be held on the terms of the Brexit deal once they are known:

Survation polling on Brexit deal referendum

This level of support for a referendum on the deal is rather higher than in other polls, but it does add to an overall picture of this issue being winnable with public opinion. It’s also a lead that is sharply up since Survation last asked this question in April.

The poll also found that only 26% of people think the NHS will get more money as a result of Brexit and only 38% support a Hard Brexit in which Britain leaves both the Customs Union and Single Market. (Usual wording caveats apply to this question; if the question had directly mentioned powers over immigration, the results might have been different.)┬áJust under one-in-five, however, believe that Brexit won’t happen.

4 responses to “Public backs referendum on Brexit deal by 50%-34% in new poll”

  1. Push 2 for the swing against Brexit. Almost 60% of those expressing an opinion were in favour of Second Referendum. I didn’t think it would come so soon.

  2. Is a referendum on the terms actually feasible? I don’t think the terms are going to be agreed until the very last minute (if at all), so how would there then be time to hold a referendum?

  3. The interesting aspect of this poll putting aside margin of error issues of 49.5% (+/-1%), the significant difference in views of expressed by gender. This poll suggests that the negative impact of Brexit are hitting the concerns of women sooner than men.

  4. I’m not sure what to make of this. Is it meaningful, without asking what people think the result of a “no” vote in such a referendum would/should be?

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