Brexit voter tells Nigel Farage: I’d now vote Remain

From LBC’s phone-in show hosted by Nigel Farage comes this confrontation:

David in Croydon launched the attack on the Ukip MEP after it was reported Britain and the EU had come to an agreement on the so-called divorce bill…

The news left Nigel furious as he slammed the government for “selling out” and bowing to the demands of Brussels.

But, Brexit voter David called LBC to blame Nigel for the revelation.

“I think you’ve caused all this mess,” the caller said.

“I voted Brexit, but now I realise the implications and I’ve spoken to a lot of people like me who voted Brexit, would vote Remain now knowing what this has caused.

“At the end of the day you’ve got ourselves into a complete mess.

“You made it sound like it would just be something we could just exit from and there wouldn’t be any problems or if there were we could just walk away.”

A lively incident which backs up what in a less dramatic way the polls are also beginning to point to. A reminder too that the way to persuade people is to show them new information, tell them circumstances have changed, remember and rectify how little they know about politics usually. But definitely don’t beat them up for being, in your view, stupid and mistaken.

Nigel Farage meanwhile has insisted on keeping his European pension. I wonder where all those Ukipers who have criticised others who receive European pensions have gone on this one…

Hat-tip: David Weston for spotting this story.

2 responses to “Brexit voter tells Nigel Farage: I’d now vote Remain”

  1. Cracking work. Keep it up. I blame no-one for voting for Brexit … same as I blame no-one for voting for Trump. “Business as usual” in the UK has served millions in “The Provinces” very badly and since the right-wing British tabloids have been blaming Europe for everything bad for decades, the referendum outcome should not have been too much of a surprise. The truth about the EU (which I condemn for many things) is out there but you need to dig for it. Most people have only done the digging after they voted to leave. Now they’re more enlightened and every day, they discover on the news how they have been conned.

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