Nick Clegg: “The Government is jumpy and insecure about Brexit”

Ironically, the new interview with Nick Clegg on PoliticsHome starts:

The problem with writing anything about Brexit is that in the few days between first draft and pressing send the entire picture can change, multiple times.

Ironic, because the interview itself has been overtaken in some respects by the government defeat in Parliament, an important step on the road to defeating Brexit.

But there’s still plenty to it that makes it worth a read:

“Part of the elixir of democracy is the ability to adapt and evolve your opinion as the facts adapt and evolve,” [Nick Clegg] says. “This weird sort of ‘Daily Mail Old Testament’ view that a decision taken one Thursday summer afternoon should forever determine our future, without any freedom to react to new facts. I just find that ludicrous.

“So, can I imagine a time where everyone will think the same? No, of course not. Our European identify is never going to be a subject of complete consensus.

“But can I imagine a time where the considered opinion about our future would lead to an outcome quite different to where we are headed at the moment? Well, to that I think the answer is yes.”

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