Former Conservative candidate Kishan Devani joins Lib Dems

Former Parliamentary and GLA candidate (on the London-wide list) for the Conservatives, Kishan Devani, has joined the Liberal Democrats:

Welcome, Kishan.

UPDATE: He’s written about his reasons for joining the Lib Dems in Asian Lite. The Lib Dem stance on Europe was a major factor.

Having been instrumental in setting up ‘British Indians for In’ with the now Housing Minister Alok Sharma MP, I travelled up and down the country talking to the British Indian Community about the benefits of remaining in the EU. Currently the only political leader and party outlining the inconsistencies in the Brexit argument are the Liberal Democrats & Sir Vince Cable – everyone else seems to have vanished & with them their ‘remain’ arguments too.

That for me is still not the issue (even though some would say it remarkable how ‘remain’ politicians are now silent) – the issues are the by products of the referendum vote for example a rise in hate crime in London and across the country. Ethnic minority communities in particular the youth in these communities have been subjected to abuse which has divided our strong and united country. This has in my view been brought about by this constant lurch to the right by the Government.


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