Thank you, Britain Elects and Election Maps UK

Thank You spelt out on letter tiles

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay.

Thanks to coronavirus, there have been very few council by-elections this year, though in those that have been held there have been promising signs in the Lib Dem performance.

When I do cover the results, you’ll have probably noticed how heavily I, like many others, rely on the Britain Elects and on the Election Maps UK Twitter accounts.

If you’ve enjoyed my coverage of by-elections, you too have been indirectly dependent on them both.

So why not give them a little thank you this Christmas with a quick donation to help the services so many of us rely on keep going: Britain Elects / Election Maps UK?

And if you’re able to be a little more generous, don’t forgetĀ ALDC’s Fighting Fund, which particularly helps weaker Liberal Democrat local parties build up and fight by-elections

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