Brexit voter changes mind, writes to MP asking for a referendum now truth is known

Here’s the letter from Chris Armstrong, a Brexit voter in 2016, to their MP:

A letter to my local MP @alexsobel about #brexit, asking for a #secondreferendum. I’ve changed my mind and others have as well. Please respect the #willofthepeople by finding out what they really think, now that the facts are better known and the lies of 2016 have been exposed.

Chris Amrstrong letter on European referendum

It’s an important point that the ‘will of the people’ isn’t a one time thing. Only dictators go for ‘you’ve had your say once, and now I’m in, you aren’t allowed it ever again’. If you’re really a democrat, then you believe in people having power not once, but repeatedly.

No wonder, therefore, that so many former Labour supporters are now switching to the Liberal Democrats to keep the democratic fight against Brexit going.

For more on how to stop Brexit, see Nick Clegg’s new animation, and here are a few more examples of Bregret from other people:


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