Another Labour member quits, joins Lib Dems, citing Brexit

To add to the flow from both the Conservatives and from many Labour members, comes this letter from a former Labour, now Liberal Democrat, member in Bristol:

Letter @UKLabour MP in Bristol NW.
Very pro EU MP.
Notifying him that I will not renew my Labour party membership.
I joined the Labour due to Brexit but as they are a Brexit backing party I joined the @LibDems
I will vote for any party to stop Brexit.


Resignation letter from Labour member Stuart Budd

He’s not alone, as this latest sample of messages shows:

UPDATE: Add Flora Page to that list too.

2 responses to “Another Labour member quits, joins Lib Dems, citing Brexit”

  1. I also resigned my Labour Party membership due to their Brexit stance (I first joined in 1967/8) and I too am now a member of the Lib Dems. In addition I will vote for any party likely to save our country by ending the foolish and potentially dangerous Brexit farce which is based on bad judgement and falsehoods. In the run up to first joining the, then, Common Market I was employed in Commonwealth and overseas trade and strongly opposed joining. We dumped the best international friends a country could possibly have had, and while I’m not a fan of those who run the EU I’m much less a fan of Brexit – our old friends have made essential new arrangement from which there is no going back.

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