Two reports put Liberal Democrat membership 40%+ higher than Conservative Party

Two reports have put current Conservative Party membership at 70,000:

With Liberal Democrat membership up in six figures, that backs-up earlier reports of the Lib Dems over-taking Conservative membership, something unprecedented in British political history.

One target from Vince Cable’s leadership campaign achieved, and by some margin: on these figures Lib Dem membership is over 40% higher than that of Theresa May’s* party.

Interested in also joining the Lib Dems? Find out more here.

* Go on, you know you want to insert ‘troubled’ here.

6 responses to “Two reports put Liberal Democrat membership 40%+ higher than Conservative Party”

  1. If this is the case why are publishers always only talking about Labour and Conservative and hardly ever mentioning the growing Liberal Democrat support

  2. But what is the Liberal Democrat membership? My guess is 90-95,000 after the December lapses as there seem to be very few new members.

  3. All the more urgency to develop a compelling mission beyond being against Brexit and a strategy beyond winning council seats and hoping this will translate into votes at a general election. If the party squanders this influx of members it would be unforgiveable.

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