How to be a better online campaigner: the Follow setting for Facebook pages

There’s one really simple thing you can do on Facebook that makes it much easier to be an effective political campaigner on the platform.

It’s a special setting that means posts from the party are much more likely to appear in your newsfeed – and so prompt you to comment, like or share them, all of which are actions that will get them seen by more people.

Just go to the Liberal Democrat page and Jo Swinson’s page and tell Facebook to give a really high priority to showing you content from these pages:

For more about campaigning online, see my collection of tools and services for Liberal Democrats. Or, for more about campaigning in general, both online and offline, there is also 101 Ways To Win An Election.

3 responses to “How to be a better online campaigner: the Follow setting for Facebook pages”

  1. Sounds like useful information – but I’d far rather have it text based.

    I intensely dislike video tutorials.

  2. It’s about different learning styles. Like Terence, I prefer text (with diagrams iif appropriate). It’s quicker to read, and you can skip any bits you’re not interested in.

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