Plans for Brexit made by just two people and then kept secret

The plans for Brexit were taken by just two people and then deliberately kept secret – that’s one of the shocking revelations from Tim Shipman‘s Fall Out.

Extract from Fall Out by Tim Shipman

The two people were Theresa May and the unelected Nick Timothy. Rather as with Theresa May’s highly controversial targets for immigration, drawn up based on a junior minister’s slip of the tongue in an interview, her Brexit plans too were not drawn up with care and attention to detail that such a major decision requires.

With the Cabinet not even getting a chance to debate these Brexit plans before Theresa May set them down, it’s a powerful argument in favour of giving the British people a final say and a vote on the terms of Brexit. Otherwise, it’ll be a Brexit based on what two people decided in secret, one of whom wasn’t even elected to anything.

You can get your own copy of Fall Out to read or listen to in full here.


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