Jo Swinson’s Equal Power: now available to pre-order

Out next month is Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Jo Swinson’s book Equal Power.

Its blurb says:

Why is gender inequality so stubbornly persistent? Power. Even today, power remains concentrated in the hands of men right across the worlds of business, politics and culture. Decisions taken by those with power tend to perpetuate gender inequality rather than accelerate solutions. And those who see the problem often feel powerless: ingrained sexism and gender inequality can seem too huge to solve.

Equal Power holds a mirror up to society, showing the stark extent of gender inequality while making the case that everyone has the power to create change. Whether you are a teenage student, a global CEO or a taxi driver, there is much we can do as friends, consumers, parents and colleagues to create a world of Equal Power. In this inspiring and essential book, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats and former Government Minister for Women Jo Swinson outlines the steps we can all take, small and large, to make our society truly gender equal.

Out on February 1st, you can pre-order your copy right now from Amazon or from Hive.

The book is published by Atlantic Books, from where Margaret Stead adds,

Jo Swinson writes from lived experience, as a politician, and a working mother. This is a book we all urgently need, which examines the gender equality divide in all areas of our society, highlighting the ongoing need for reform, while at the same time offering practical suggestions for what we can all do to work towards a fairer world for men and women.

Also still available and covering a different aspect of equalities is Lynne Featherstone’s Equal Ever After.

3 responses to “Jo Swinson’s Equal Power: now available to pre-order”

  1. Can we now have an equally powerful book that gives the entire arguments on proportional representation?

    – It would be a single short persuasive book that outlines the various types used in the world, and leads the reader to the one we should have in UK.

    Who could do that?

  2. The same applies to disability when we all know that unless you constantly campaign disability falls off the agenda. Been ranting today at my authority about the complete lack of understanding on how both General and Specific duties under equality legislation is just ignored. It is ignored now because the lack of resources means that it is no longer a priority. Why do equality issues so easily fall off of the agenda?

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