The awful way Theresa May let staff be treated

I’m surprised this part of Tim Shipman’s excellent Fall Out (which also revealed how the plans for Brexit were drawn up in secret by just two people) hasn’t received more attention.

It’s about the way in which Theresa May’s closest aides regularly treated – or rather mistreated – other advisers for months on end.

Extract from Fall Out by Tim Shipman - treatment of SpAds

It was only after the botched 2017 general election that Theresa May was forced to change her team. But up until her hand being forced by Conservative ministers, she had not taken any effective action to stop the sort of abuse documented by Tim Shipman.

Behaviour by her team that was so awful it resulted in one person having “an almost daily trip to see their psychiatrist” and another who “displayed all of the signs of self-harm”.

When it’s your team behaving like that and you have the power of a Prime Minister, there’s no hiding place from your own responsibility. You can act and stop it. Or you can fail.

Theresa May failed.

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  1. why hasn’t it received more attention? well it all depends on having friends in the press who won’t do the dirty on you, but perhaps we can ‘leak’ it via facebook..?

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