Where does half of the UK’s population live?

With thanks to the most excellent @election_data on Twitter, here is how large (or small) a circle you need to draw around the centre of London in order to include half of the UK’s population:
Half of UK's population within this circle

This is a good benchmark for all sorts of discussions about the UK, such as where public transport investment goes or where people should hold meetings.

If you have read this far, you might also like this map about who has passports in England.

4 responses to “Where does half of the UK’s population live?”

  1. so it just needs one of our great universities(Bristol, Birmingham, Warwick, Nottingham, Leicester, Loughborough) on the outer edge of the circle to be able to offer the debating chamber space, and we can stop this nonsense of going to the faded glories of the south coast towns. All those centres mentioned are well connected by public transport, Halls of residence available, plenty of fringe rooms, and even a local proper hotel for the people who want to be posh.

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