What is #ABTV? Another pro-European hashtag explained

In what has become a little bit of a mini-series, after having explained the pro-European hashtags #FBPE and #WATON, this week it is time to explain what #ABTV is about.

This hashtag stands for Anti-Brexit Tactical Voting. It was started on January 12, 2018 by AC Grayling:

One of the issues it runs into is quite who counts as an anti-Brexit candidate deserving of such tactical voting support. Even Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate ranks in 2017 included at least one out and out pro-Leave person, whilst the bigger and pointed issue is with Labour.

Gina Miller: EU citizens should vote Liberal Democrat

EU citizens in the UK are able to vote in local elections though not general elections. That means this May's round of local elections is, by-elections aside, their first chance to cast a verdict on Theresa May's Hard Brexit plans in the Conservative general election manifesto. more

There are definitely anti-Brexit people in Labour. Their support of that position is to be welcomed and encouraged. But their leader is not only someone who for years voted with the Tory right wing Eurosceptics such as John Redwood but who also sacked Labour frontbenchers for voting against Britain leaving the single market.

Cross-party cooperation in various forms to oppose Brexit has much to commend it. Whether a cross-party anti-Brexit tactical voting campaign can overcome the controversies involved in deciding who to support is a much more open question.


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    • I also want an answer to Richard’s problem. I was initially tempted just to spoil my ballot paper but now I’m thinking votes for the second most likely to win party might unseat the current jokers who in my town happen to be Labour.

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