Lib Dems stand only two candidates for seven contests in this week’s by-elections

One moderately successful Welsh Assembly by-election down, seven council by-elections to go. Alas, only two Liberal Democrat candidates across those seven vacancies.

This is, however, a reflection of the chance set of wards up for this week as across those other five the Lib Dems didn’t put any candidates last time they were fought – and indeed the longer-term picture is hardly one of Lib Dems fighting these wards either. (Apologies for getting these figures wrong in the original version of this post. The usually excellent Britain Elects listed a former Lib Dem candidate standing this time for another party in one ward as a Lib Dem in one place by mistake this time and I didn’t spot this at first. Thanks to the also excellent @ElectionMapsUK for pointing this out to me as well as the commenter below.)

Thank you therefore candidates:

  • Rhys Buchan, contesting Stretton ward inĀ East Staffordshire as he also did in the ward’s previous by-election which came as recently as September last year. That was the first showing of a Lib Dem in the ward since 2008.
  • George Taylor, contesting Brighton East in Brighton and who has secured media coverage for aiming to be the youngest councillor in Brighton.

On to the results:

These by-election results round-ups cover principal authority by-elections. See my post The danger in celebrating parish and town council wins for your own party for the reasons to avoid straying too often into covering town, parish or community council by-elections.

4 responses to “Lib Dems stand only two candidates for seven contests in this week’s by-elections”

  1. According to Andrew Teale on Britain Elects Ian Sadler is standing for The Greens & The Libdems, some confusions obviously so it might be 2 out of 7 today & 11 of the 18 so far this Year. Hopefully thats just a blip.

  2. In St Paul’s (Clacton) in Tendring DC, North-east Essex local party, we DO have a candidate next week in a ward we haven’t fought or campaigned in for a long time and Keith Pitkin (candidate) and Barrie Coker (agent) have lead a truly energetic campaign.

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