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Welcome to my weekly-ish Facebook Messenger service for Liberal Democrat news. The idea is to send people one piece of high-quality content a week that’s suitable for sharing on Facebook to help get the party’s key messages out.

You just sign up via Facebook Messenger and then once a week or so you’ll get a message appear in your Messenger inbox with a simple link through to sharing a piece of content.

Tap, tap and bingo! Our messages get ready by more people.

Sign up with Facebook Messenger here:

Alternatively, go to this link (you’ll need to have Facebook Messenger for it to work): https://m.me/199674550052349?ref=botletter.

Many thanks to the kind colleagues who helped test it. Any remaining gremlins are of course my fault, not theirs.

(Each message comes with details of how to unsubscribe from future messages and all the data is covered by my usual privacy policy.)

If you run a Liberal Democrat website or local party social media accounts, then take a look at my other tools and service to help with content for them.


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