Voters still confused about what any party stands for over Brexit

As Left Foot Forward reports of BMG’s latest polling:

Labour come out the worst on the ‘lack of clarity’ scale – ten points clear of the Tories…

The polling reveals 54% of voters say Labour’s position is unclear – with just 25% saying it’s clear and 23% ‘don’t know’. The 54% figure is unchanged from January, despite Labour’s commitment since then to stay in a customs union.

Even young people are split on Labour’s stance, with 35% saying the party’s position is clear, to 35% unclear (30% simply don’t know).

And 36% of Labour voters themselves say their party’s stance is not very clear or not clear at all…

Voters are more certain about the Conservatives’ stance on Brexit – but the figures aren’t exactly inspiring for May. 44% of people say their position is unclear, to 37% clear (19% don’t know). The 44% stat is within the margin of error of the 46% who said their stance was unclear in January…

49% say Lib Dem stance not clear, to 26% who think it is, and 26% who don’t know. Again, the number who think their position is clear is unchanged from January.

Worryingly for the anti-Brexit party, 37% of 18-34 year olds don’t know their position (a fresh vote to ‘Exit from Brexit’). And 39% say it’s unclear.

BMG Brexit polling March 2018

A reminder as ever that when a political activist says, “My party talks far too much about our policy X” that should almost always be followed by the refrain, “But the public have barely noticed we talk about it at all”.

A reminder too that a policy which takes more than a sentence to explain is rarely a policy that comes over clearly to most voters. Policies need to be able to stand up to not only the first, but the second, third, fourth and more questions from journalists. But they also need to be simple enough to communicate to voters who in non-trivial numbers don’t even notice who the Prime Minister is.

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