Who is the Democrats and Veterans Party (leader: John Rees-Evans)?

Democrats and Veterans Party logoThe Democrats and Veterans Party was launched in the UK in 2018, with John Rees-Evans as its leader. He had previously hit the national stage as a two-time Ukip leadership candidate who complained that a gay donkey had raped his horse.

John Rees-Evans then quit Ukip to start a new political groupingย called Affinity before ending up with the Democrats and Veterans Party.

The new party’s logo features a donkey, a reference back to Rees-Evans’s gay donkey comments it appears.

The party’s policy platform is right-wing populist, wanting to cut back the state and cut taxes. To quote from the constitution of the Democrats and Veterans Party:

d. tend towards diminution in the role of the State;
e. tend towards reduction in taxation of all types; …
h. preserve and defend the Judeo-Christian foundations of our Common

Beyond that, the party is keen on more direct democracy.


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