Who is the Democrats and Veterans Party (leader: John Rees-Evans)?

Democrats and Veterans Party logoThe Democrats and Veterans Party was launched in the UK in 2018, with John Rees-Evans as its leader. He had previously hit the national stage as a two-time Ukip leadership candidate who complained that a gay donkey had raped his horse.

John Rees-Evans then quit Ukip to start a new political grouping called Affinity before ending up with the Democrats and Veterans Party.

The new party’s logo features a donkey, a reference back to Rees-Evans’s gay donkey comments it appears.

The party’s policy platform is right-wing populist, wanting to cut back the state and cut taxes. To quote from the constitution of the Democrats and Veterans Party:

d. tend towards diminution in the role of the State;
e. tend towards reduction in taxation of all types; …
h. preserve and defend the Judeo-Christian foundations of our Common

Beyond that, the party is keen on more direct democracy.

2 responses to “Who is the Democrats and Veterans Party (leader: John Rees-Evans)?”

  1. I think “Judeo-Christian” is misspelt. If the donkey is a reference to his donkey/horse allegation, then he appears to have a sense of humour, or else uncommon sexual ethics. What strikes me about the party name and logo is that it looks American except for the Union Jack. Democrats – US; Veterans – a word much more in use in the US than the UK, often confusingly abbreviated to Vets; the donkey – symbol of the US Democrats.

  2. I am writing to ask why for the recent by election there were 3 pro Brexit candidates. That is plain idiotic. You’ve split the vote 3 ways. Whoever is responsible for this should be reprimanded. Why on earth didn’t 2 of you give way to the third? The whole point surely is to have 1 candidate to field the Brexit voters. Votes need to be concentrated not spread so thinly no one succeeds. I’m so appalled at this stupidity and I hope that when the locals really get going next month this rule will be applied. Most people are unaware of who you all are let alone thinking of voting for you. Egos and personal ambition must be set aside for the benefit of our country

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