Making an international standard cup of tea

More educative entertainment from Tom Scott:

As far as I can find, no-one has actually made a International Standard Cup of Tea – ISO 3103 or BS 6008 – for the internet before. Lots of people have talked about it, but that’s easy. Making one? That requires precision… and some specialist equipment.

I, of course, have had a copy of the British Standard at home for years. But no, I didn’t make a film either.

All unrelated to the British Tea Party.

2 responses to “Making an international standard cup of tea”

  1. I heard it here first. But Tom Scott videos are awesome. How dedicated to make a video when he doesn’t like tea. Charlatan.

  2. I certainly agree that these videos are very good. However the key to a good cup of tea, or any other drink or food, is what goes into it. There are many types of tea. There are many possibilies for the time the tea is picked. Many possibilities fot the soil content. It is time to start to look at the rich variety that nature gives us in drink and food before the chemical industry had a monopoly on our nutrition.

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