Deselected Conservative councillor urges vote for Lib Dems in key Barnet ward

Barnet Liberal Democrats have picked up an endorsement from Sury Khatri, the deselected Conservative councillor who said he was victim of a “right wing and hard Brexit” coup.

In the key ward of Mill Hill, where he was elected in 2010 and 2014, he is urging a vote for the Liberal Democrats this time:

It’s time for a change in Mill Hill. Vote Liberal Democrat, you won’t get a better and more energetic team for Mill Hill ward than Richard Logue, Donna Pickup and Roger Tichborne.

The ward was won by the Liberal Democrats from 1994 until 2010.


7 responses to “Deselected Conservative councillor urges vote for Lib Dems in key Barnet ward”

    • I think if you read his comments in that story closely, he’s encouraging people to vote Labour in other wards and Lib Dem in this one.

  1. Is he saying he do not support Brexit and willing to fight for Lib Dam, this is good news if he do that. he did fight for Conservative before so why is he saying victim of Right Wing, Conservative is a Right Wing party. Just like the Tory.

    • There are ranges of right wing Keshav so perhaps he feels the Conservative Party has moved too far to the right in the last few years? It seems to me fair to say it is more right wing now than under David Cameron, for example.

  2. Conservatives are not a single party, Keshav, they are, just like Labour(and to a lesser extent Liberal Democrats) a coalition within of several different factions, one of which is extremely Ukippy-extreme. This is a function of our first-past-the-post voting system, which makes people subsume their differences in their pursuit of power.. as one Tory famously said ‘what use are principles if you can’t get power’.

  3. I think we Lib Dems are the nearest thing to a conservative party at the moment; the tories are surely radical right, labour a mess of radical socialist and sensible centrists (which I think will survive in its present chaotic form till we get proportional representation).

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