The myth of Liberal Democrats and young people

Another myth about the Liberal Democrat experience 2010-2015, to add to the one about what voters think of what the Lib Dems did. This time it’s about how tuition fees (which, um, didn’t put people off going to university and for which there wasn’t that much public support for abolishing) didn’t kill the Liberal Democrats amongst young people.

In fact, young people continue to be the age-band most willing to consider voting Liberal Democrat as the new data published by The Times‘s Red Box shows:

YouGov polling on which party people will not vote for

It’s worth adding that there is a similar pattern of the Liberal Democrats doing better the younger people are in the age profiles of party support in more conventional ‘who will you vote for?’ polls.

As for Remain versus Leave voters, this polling shows 47% of Leave voters would definitely never vote Lib Dem but only 24% of Remain voters.


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