Implosion at Renew, one of the new centrist/pro-European parties

I don’t pretend to know nearly enough to judge right from wrong in the latest goings-on at Renew, one of the burst of new centrist/pro-European parties.

But I can spot a big political car crash:

  1. Party’s Principals issue a statement talking about potentially illegal access to the party’s data and about an email “purporting to be from the Renew Chairman”.
  2. Party founder, Chris Coghlan, shares a message stated as being from Renew’s Chairperson, saying a no confidence motion in the Executive committee and Board of Renew has been passed.
  3. Party founder resigns from party.

Renew Britain statement about access to party data
Chris Coglan tweet about Renew
Chris Coglan resignation statement

One thing the above illustrates is one of sometimes the under-appreciated benefits of the Liberal Democrats for pro-Europeans in search of a political home. For all the party’s flaws, it is a functioning political party with the ability to withstand, even in rather battered form, tough times. That resilience is something new parties often struggle to acquire – and is one of the reasons why new parties can fail to be successful.


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