How Leave campaigners repeatedly broke the law

A reminder of the many ways in which Leave campaigners have already been caught breaking the law for the 2016 European referendum is here.

Thanks to this widespread, serious and proven law-breaking, there’s a compelling case for a People’s Vote.

UPDATE: And here’s another case.

5 responses to “How Leave campaigners repeatedly broke the law”

  1. Which all proves the sad truth many Lib Dems still need to learn.

    The penalty for breaking the Law is much less than the penalty for breaking your promise.

  2. Is that definitely the case David?

    The Leave campaign’s headline promise of more money for the NHS has been dropped with little consequence.

    In fact, political promises are broken all the time. It’s very rare for a party to be punished like the Lib Dems were.

    So I don’t think things are as straightforward as you make out.

    • Ah Daniel, your question was so late, I missed it. However, the answer as I’m sure you know is “Yes, if you are a Lib Dem” and particularly if you headline it by having a PPB on ‘An end to broken promises.’ Also it seems for Theresa May when she promised “We are going to make a success of it.”

  3. The significant number of breaches beggars belief in a novel, never mind the awful reality before the Referendum of Varsi saying last week, that Cameron expected to have his Trojan Horse MPs in the ERG masquerading as Conservative, contained in a further coalition. Now it is as clear as the sun that the Conservatives will do anything it takes to retain power, including destroy our country.

    The fact half a million kids a year opt for the opportunity to have a university education prepared to repay a form of graduate tax for 25 years if they win in income shows both of Nick Clegg’s reasons were right first time. At Conference last September he said he didn’t want the poorer half of the population to pay for the higher education of the half that then got half a million quid more over their lifetime with about a 15% tax at the highest level to pay for it. What seems unfair with hindsight? We get half our population university successes in the age of the machine seens an all round win to me now.

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