Have you done the Liberal Democrat skills survey yet?

I have written often enough about what the Liberal Democrats should be doing to involve party members more. Time then to talk about something the party is doing: a new skills survey to find out how people would like to get more involved and how they can best help.

It comes in three flavours, catering for where members live, and the data will end up usable across the party due to being fed into the MyCampaign system, part of Connect. That’s important as sometimes best way to involve a member, and the way that members are most interested in getting involved is locally, sometimes it’s regionally and sometimes it’s nationally. Having the data in a shared system is the best way to help make that happen.

Also great to see in the survey a question about whether people might like to know more about party bodies who specialise in outreach to groups who are underrepresented in the party.

Here is the survey in its three versions:

It is of course being progressively publicised through other party channels too. But as it often takes an extra nudge or two before someone clicks on a survey link to fill it out, why not also share these links with other party members you know right now?

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