Conservative councillor joins Lib Dems in Harborough

As Jonathan Calder reports:

Mark Graves, who represents the Astley ward in Broughton Astley on Harborough District Council, has switched to the Liberal Democrats…

Note that I have avoided using the word “defected,” which usually appears in such stories. We are talking about local government here, not the Cold War.

Harborough FM adds:

Mark Graves has represented the Tories in his Broughton Astley constituency for over ten years.

But, after disagreeing with his party over issues such as extra housing allocation for Harborough and a Council Tax increase which was more than double what they’d promised, last week they deselected him.


5 responses to “Conservative councillor joins Lib Dems in Harborough”

  1. Yes defections ( there haven’t been many) have always been shown on this blog.
    Thank you by the way for keeping us up to date with politics Mark.

  2. Mark.
    One of the best ways to win support is to actually have doable solutions to societies problems instead of just a wish list.
    New Green City is a brilliant rethink of how we live and proposes that we build zero carbon cities that are totally self financing.
    The new cities proposed by Blair, The Coalition and May (17 in all) could and won’t be built because they each need £3 billions for the roads infrastructure which is why none have ever been built.
    New Green City has no roads in the city hence needs no government money for roads infrastructure. The new design has been put forward as a motion for conference in September. If the party gives it’s backing then we will be the party with the answers on housing, bed blocking, child obesity, meeting our CO2 targets, isolation of the elderly and stopping factory farming from destroying our wildlife. Search on facebook for New Green City Ltd and click on photos for lots more info.

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