Vice-President of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality (LDCRE) appointed

News from the new Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality (background here): Kishan Devani has taken up the role of Vice President.

As Asian Lite reports:

“After our Executive meeting at the House of Lords. I am pleased to announce that Kishan Devani was appointed Vice President of LDCRE,” said Chairman of LDCRE, Roderick Lynch. “I look forward to working with Kishan & our President Baroness Hussein-Ece, who make up our presidential dream team in what will be an exciting future for the organisation.”

Kishan said: ‘I am truly honoured to be appointed Vice-President of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality. I look forward to working alongside passionate & dedicated Chairman Roderick Lynch & President Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece who is also the Liberal Democrat Party Spokesperson on Equalities. Promoting Equality and Diversity is something I have always felt passionate about, it shall be an immense pleasure to be able to serve as Vice-President.’

In addition to the creation of LDCRE, work is now also taking place on the creation of body focused specifically on improving the diversity of the party’s elected representatives, just as there is both a Liberal Democrat Women (LDW) party body and also the Campaign for Gender Balance (CGB).

Having both LDW and CGB has worked better than trying to do all of their activity via the one body. It seems sensible therefore to apply this experience more widely.

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