Alex Hegenbarth selected for Tewkesbury

Congratulations to Alex Hegenbarth who has been picked by Liberal Democrat members in Tewkesbury to be their next Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC).

He says,

I’m really honoured to have been selected as Tewkesbury’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate and can’t wait to get started turning the constituency Lib Dem.

The party has a great reputation for dedication and hard work, so I am keen to get them out there knocking on doors and finding out the issues that matter most to the people of Tewkesbury.

We know we have a hill to climb, but I look forward to working with the team on how we can become recognised as the viable alternative to the Conservatives mismanagement of our county and our country, and become the voice of local residents.

He is one of the 2015 new member cohort. He is an active pro-European campaigner and one who sees the value in the party sticking to its guns when campaigning across areas that include Leave voters:

I developed, organised and trained the Remain campaign in Swindon from scratch to lead a volunteer team over 100 activists. While there were many areas of the Tewkesbury constituency that voted for Leave, I will continue to promote our support for the EU and an Exit from Brexit so then Tewkesbury’s EU citizens can remain here and local businesses can carry on trading across the world’s biggest free market.

Great to see a candidate selected in one of our not-quite-yet-strongest areas who has a very active online campaigning presence (including his website). Looking up information about newly selected prospective candidates for pieces like this, it is striking how much of a job the party has to do to help this key group of activists raise their online campaigning profile. Many are brilliant. Some, even weeks after their selection has been made public, are all but invisible on the web and on social media.

Solving that is about teamwork – as is building up seats to win. Which is why I particularly like the subhead that Alex has used: “building a winning team for Tewkesbury”. (If you want to help raise the online campaigning in your patch, take a look at my 12 tips and set of tools for you to use.)

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here (including an explanation of what the jargon “PPC” is all about).

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